Knowit Quality Summit 2020

This year, Knowit Quality Summit will be held at Epicenter Lounge in Helsinki on April 16 with AI expert Adam Leon Smith of Dragonfly as keynote. Quality Summit is a public conference open for all, but especially created for Knowit customers and employees. 

Attend the conference and the tutorial to learn how AI will fit in your work

The conference on April 16, 2020, is meant for IT professionals, who want to get acquainted with AI. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will be part of everyone’s working life. To many, AI is already a natural part of any software development.

Quality Summit prides with the name Quality in its name. It refers to the fact that not only should you create software, but you should create Quality Software. This year’s theme, AI, relates to the Quality most fittingly. The idea of AI is on the march to software development and testing. A­­I will increase the quality and possibilities of many software. There’s more to be done, faster, easier, and benefitting the business even more.

The intended participants are consultants and other technical experts at our Knowit and our customers, so if you are AI expert, tester, test manager, automation consultant, DevOps expert, full-stack developer, Scrum Master, or a project manager, you are in the right place.

Some of the presentations are fitting for those who are just learning about AI. Some are advanced topics for those who have already done something with AI. We have a catering of excellent speakers from many companies in the Nordic area, some from Knowit and some from other known AI companies. Our keynote arrives all the way from UK to deliver an AI trend presentation to kick off the day.

You might also enjoy the two-day tutorial on AI and software testing on April 14-15, 2020. Click here to read more and register for the tutorial!